Igneous Rock Bodies (Intrusive)

Dike, Volcanic Neck
shiprock_volcanic_neck.jpg (55666 bytes)

This picture from Shiprock, New Mexico, shows the remains of a volcano at the right, and a weathered out igneous dike (vertical) at the left.

felsic_dike_new.jpeg (46836 bytes)

A very small dike visible in a pebble.


Sierra_nevada_bath.jpg (55255 bytes)

A view of the Sierra Nevada batholith, Yosemite National Park.  This is actually not a single intrusive body, but rather a composite that consists of over 100 successively intruded bodies.


sill_antarctica.jpg (47377 bytes)

The dark layer in the upper half of the picture is an igneous sill (basaltic in composition) that was injected between layers of sediment.